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Hina is a four-year-old girl. Her parents took her to see the doctor after she started to experience some breathlessness when she was running. The doctor listened to Hina's chest and asked her parents about her symptoms. Based on her history, Hina's doctor was quite confident that Hina had asthma. She decided to carry out some tests to make sure.

The doctor asked Hina to take a FeNO test. FeNO is really helpful for pre-schoolers, when some children can't manage lung function tests. A FeNO testing machine only needs a gentle breath in and out from the patient. Most testing devices also have a special child mode, which means the patient can exhale for a shorter time if needed.

Using the friendly animations on the screen as a guide, Hina was able to complete the FeNO test without any problems. She said it was fun and asked to do it again! After the test, the machine displayed Hina's score. Her FeNO level was too high and the diagnosis was confirmed: Hina had asthma. The doctor was able to prescribe medication for Hina and book her a simple follow-up appointment so they could check her FeNO score was coming down and that her asthma was under control.

All stories are real patient stories. Names, ages and genders may have been changed to preserve anonymity.

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