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Celebrating World Asthma Day 2024


Happy World Asthma Day 2024! World Asthma Day (May 7, 2024) is organised by the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) with the aim of raising awareness for asthma worldwide. The theme of “Asthma Education Empowers” was selected for this year. Here are some facts about asthma to help empower you to manage your asthma together with your doctor.

World Asthma Day was first established in 1998 with the aim of bringing awareness to asthma.1 With over 262 million sufferers of asthma worldwide, World Asthma Day recognises YOU and aims to bring awareness to this chronic disease to improve asthma outcomes through effective diagnosis and disease management.1-4 World Asthma Day highlights the need for ongoing awareness and management of this disease, as well as an increase in the availability of medicines.1

We want to raise awareness of FeNO (fractional exhaled nitric oxide) testing and how this can help you manage your asthma.5,6

Asthma: the facts

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory airway disease, which is estimated to affect 1 in every 12 adults in the UK and USA.7-9

Asthma is often underdiagnosed and under-treated.10 Asthma causes around 1000 deaths a day, but it is estimated that around 65% of these deaths could be prevented with effective asthma management.2,11

Asthma leads to around 60,000 hospital admissions per year and costs the UK £6 billion, including environmental, productivity, and quality of life costs.12,13 Although asthma cannot be cured, controlling your symptoms can help you live a normal healthy life.14 By working together with your healthcare professional to manage your asthma, you can live the life you want.15

What is FeNO?

FeNO (fee-no) stands for fractional exhaled nitric oxide, and levels are typically higher when inflammation is present in the lungs which is associated with certain types of asthma.16 It can give your doctor an insight into the inflammation in your lungs and can help them to determine effective management treatments for your asthma.17

Managing asthma with FeNO has been shown to reduce attacks by up to 50%.18 It is a quick, simple and non-invasive test which simply involves breathing through a breathing handle into the device19, at about the same pressure as blowing bubbles into a drink through a straw. This test can be done on patients of any age, including children.19,20

FeNO testing could be used alongside your usual asthma check-ups to monitor how you are responding to treatment over time.21 This means that doctors can ensure that you have treatment that is personalised to you, for you to manage your symptoms.5,15,22 We hope that the information in your article empowers you to learn more about asthma and speak to your doctor about FeNO to improve your asthma symptoms together.4 If you are interested in asking your doctor about FeNO and how it can help with managing your asthma, download our handy print-outs below.

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