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Asthma Awareness Month Part 4: Doing a FeNO test


As Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month in the USA comes to an end, this is the final part to our four-part series, we hope you have found it informative and that you feel empowered to manage your asthma. We have explained what FeNO is and how it can help you, but we wanted to finish off this series with how to do a FeNO test...

Part four: How to do a FeNO test

Doing a FeNO test is as easy as inhaling and exhaling.

You inhale and exhale through the device, guided by the engaging animations on the screen. You exhale at about the same pressure as blowing bubbles in a drink through a straw. The exhalation lasts for 10 seconds for adults and 6 seconds for children, and can even be performed by those with severely reduced lung function, making it accessible for all.1-3

The test only lasts about 2 minutes from inhalation to receiving your result.

It is important to note that you should avoid eating, drinking, smoking, or strenuous exercise for around two hours before your test as these factors may influence your FeNO score which could affect treatment decisions.4

If this series has made you interested in managing your asthma with FeNO, speak to your doctor. Download our handy guide on how to perform a FeNO test so you can feel confident doing it in the clinic.

We hope that the information we have shared in this series encourages you to take control of your asthma. Asthma Awareness Month may only last one month, but it is important year-round. At FeNOandAsthma.com, we are here to give you educational articles year-round to continue to learn about your asthma.

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