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Five reasons to ask for FeNO testing


FeNO testing is a simple way to help diagnose and manage your asthma.1,2 Knowing your FeNO level can help you and your healthcare team recognise when your symptoms mean you could have asthma. If you have asthma, regular FeNO testing can also help show you whether your treatment is working or if it might need to be adjusted3 and it takes just a few minutes.

Here are five top reasons to ask your healthcare team for a FeNO test:

  1. A FeNO test can be performed during your appointment with your nurse or doctor.
  2. Completing the test only takes a couple of minutes.
  3. Taking a FeNO test is simple4 and feels just like blowing bubbles through a straw in a drink.
  4. Your results will be displayed on the FeNO machine after about a minute.
  5. FeNO results help your healthcare team understand more about your symptoms so they can take immediate action if they need to.

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Supporting evidence:

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